Almond pastry Apple & Strawberry flats

almond short crust pastry recipe

Last night I made chicken stew with dumplings… the english kind stuffed with thyme and mustard. Not the kind with potatoes in… I think my body would have died of carb overload if I had eaten potato too.  As always, the stew began as a healthy affair. Lots of onions and garlic, broccoli, spring onions, stock and very little oil. But then came the dumplings… and the CREAM. I find when I have put too much vinegar or salt into a dish, a bit of cream and water helps a lot. But it doesn’t help one in being healthy… which was my failed goal last night. But oh well.. I will have a salad for lunch and get the hell over it. It was delicious.. and I think dumplings should be made more. I like to think of them as England’s answer to soul food.

Anyway, moving swiftly on to the topic at hand – these are my latest recipe – I didn’t really know if they were pies or not.. so I would like to call them flats. Or pie flats if we must. I made some shortcrust pastry and added ground almond, then stewed some apples and strawberry with a dash of sugar. And taddda! I like the rustic look as you all know by now – making things look perfect doesn’t make them appetizing for me. I like a bit of a rough finish!

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Strawberry Tea Cakes

strawberry tea cakes

strawberry tea cakes

So, you may have noticed  that I have a thing for tea cakes. I think they are very sophisticated and sweet and less cutesy than their american counterpart the cupcake. You may also recognise this strawberry sponge from somewhere else! I had some strawberries that were getting a bit mushy (as you can see) and so I thought a cake would be the best place for them… I know.. it’s a recurring trend. So, just use the sponge recipe from my Strawberry cake recipe.

Tea Cake Baking instructions:

All you need is a cupcake tray WITHOUT THE CASES. Grease each case with butter and tap with some flour OR use grease proof paper cut into a circle at the bottom of each case. Then add the mixture until about halfway up, and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 175°C.

Leave them to cool a bit, and then twist the top with you finger tips to loosen…

Then munch awaaaaaaaay.

Happy Weekend people! I am going to be at the Hive blogger conference this weekend. See some of you there!

Trisha x

Easy Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Glaze

easy strawberry cake

easy strawberry cake

A colleague of mine is leaving today… he is a freaking computer genius at 19! Anyway, it’s sad… so as with any occasion, I thought I would bake a cake. Due to extreme time restrictions yesterday, I had to do something quick. This is really easy to bake people. I would not tell a lie.

All you do is take a normal vanilla sponge recipe, add some cut up fresh strawberries. Bake for about 30 mins and then pour melted dark chocolate on top. And of course more strawberries and some casual icing sugar. SO SIMPLE.

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