Hazelnut, Cinnamon & Chocolate Biscotti (!!!)

Hazelnut cinnamon & chocolate biscotti recipe

When it’s freaking cold. When you HAVE to wear socks in your house to stop from getting pneumonia – even with the heating on. That’s when I like to have a cup of black coffee with a biscotti. Hazelnut biscotti in particular – because I love that warming crunchy flavour of a roasted hazelnut!

Plus my awesome friend Teco is leaving Berlin and going back to Brazil – literally SAD times. Such sad times. He gives amazingly long hilarious speeches with very little actual message – politician worthy! So the weekend was spent drinking, eating, being tipsy, being full – and starting again every few hours. Was fab – but as you can imagine, I am worse for wear. So the biscottis helped. I woke up at about 4am – and ate some more of them… and went back to bed. Am I the only weirdo who gets up in the middle of the night and feels hungry? – not so much hungry as – “tasty”.

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Cookie Mania

Hazelnut and chocolate cookies

hello Monday… it’s dreary and grey over here… and I am glad. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a concrete box of an office box and watched the last days of Summer pass you by. Over the weekend I made yet more cookies.. if I’m honest the peanut sandwich cookies tasted amazing.. but visually I felt they were kind of wack. So, I got back on the cookie horse and made these delicious chocolate and hazelnut cookies.

Hazelnut and chocolate cookie recipe
I spent the weekend being a bit sick and watching some Harry Potter… may sound sad but it was pretty awesome and chilled. Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince… the one where Dumbledore dies. Makes me tear up everytime. Ergh, stupid deatheaters. A favourite scene is when Ron absolutely kills it in the Quidditch trials. ahhh. good times!

For this recipe, rather than using cooking chocolate I used some old chocolate bars I had left over, but I think cooking chocolate is always the juiciest and gooeist when it comes to cookies, so I have substituted chocolate bars with cooking chocolate in the recipe.

Hazelnut and chocolate cookie recipe

Hazelnut and chocolate cookie recipe

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