Ginger and Dark Chocolate Cookies

Ginger and chocolate cookies

My big sister Selina turned 29, so I thought I would bake her cookies based on her favourite flavour combo: ginger and dark chocolate. I know dark chocolate is a bit like marmite, but we are a family of serious dark chocolate lovers… guzzling it down (me in particular), while reassuring ourselves that it is really healthy…because it is dark.

As far as the consistency of these cookies goes, they are fairly soft and gooey rather than extra crunchy. This is because, one thing I have often thought about traditional gingerbread and ginger biscuits is that they can sometimes lack that hidden gooeyness or creamy texture that really make me squeal with delight. So, rather than just using dried ginger powder…. I used stem ginger. If you like ginger, you will love this. If you don’t really like ginger… give it a go. It really is scrumptious.

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Date and Ginger Sticky Cake(for when life is pissing you off)

Date & Ginger Sticky Cake

ginger cake recipe

When everything is just pissing you off… and even listening to Fighter by Christina Aguilera won’t give you a boost, all you need is a heart-warming sticky date & ginger cake. And maybe an episode of Game of Thrones with your flatmates.  Or listen to a bit of Machel Montano... Ok.. so I am feeling the Carribean warmth and ginger cake to give me a lift.

Really not in a good mood at the moment. But I kinda just wanna scream F*** EVERYTHING, except cake of course. If you wanna join, just comment and we can scream it together. wooooooooooooo!

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