Candied Almonds for Autumn

candied almonds recipe

So, there is no more denying it in Berlin, Autumn has arrived and I’m trying to enjoy it. It isn’t hard, because I have been munching on these delicious candied almonds which are sinfully easy to make. I won’t even be including a recipe! This is going to be a very short post… just to get those Autumn taste buds tingling.

Almond Marble Tea Cakes

Almond Marble tea cakes

Almond Marble tea cakes

These tea cakes are perfectly bite-size… so you don’t feel like a pig when eating them… even if you have 10. … or 20 (oops…). I would highly recommend investing in one of these silicon cupcake trays ¬†for this size of cake-. It just makes it a lot easier to bake them and to get them out than with a metal tray – especially as you don’t use cupcake cases here. Continue reading