Banana & Coconut Pancakes

banana and coconut pancakes recipes

Good day weekenders. I don’t normally post much at the weekend… but today it was such a glorious day when I woke up… that I thought PANCAKES! My card got sucked into the cash machine last night… and the banks don’t really open at the weekends so I’m using up the coins in my frog king money bank. It was a present from my flatmates for my birthday and THANK GOD for it… had no idea I had put 2 euros coins in there! Anyway… back to pancakes.

I had some dried coconut and bananas that needed to be used up as well as the blueberry compote from the ice cream I made (see last post). So instead of making plain old pancakes, I made banana and coconut ones. It hadn’t really even occured to me to do this before until my boyfriend quoted that Banana Pancakes song by Jack Johnson.. and I was like… wait a second… BANANA pancakes. That sounds amazing!

banana and coconut pancakes recipes

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