Vanilla Ice Cream & Blueberry Compote

vanilla ice cream with blueberry compote

Hello ice-cream lovers. As I have previously mentioned, I am NOT the biggest fan of ice cream… I find it cold. BUT I am a bit fan of jelly with ice cream. I had some friends round for a jelly and ice cream evening… turned out to be a bit more wine based than ice cream focused!

One of my pet hates, if finding recipes online that include things that I don’t have – like an ice cream machine. Seriously.. in the days of old, when there was no electricity, I am pretty sure there was ice cream. Additionally … have you SEEN how expensive ice cream machines are?! It’s extortionate!! I refuse to be sucked into it…

vanilla ice cream recipe

Instead, I made a very basic vanilla ice cream. Not only was it deliciously creamy and insanely easy to make – I made it during my lunch break – but it doesn’t have any chemicals or preservative in it. It also tastes MIGHTY fine with jelly.

vanilla ice cream recipe

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