Delicious Magazine Bake off Winner

delicious magazine bake off winner | Sugar Thumb

Hi guys,

Sorry for two things – the terrible quality of these photos… I wanted to post about it.. but my camera is awful at showing the text clearly… and 2 sorry that I haven’t posted a recipe since last week… I have been sick. Nothing serious, just one of those fluey coldy heady body-encompassing things, which makes you want to cry when you see food. Also… didn’t want to infect anyone with it, and eating a whole cake could have been a bit much!

Anyway, I am almost back to full health – I will know I am healthy again when I fancy a glass of wine. At the moment any form of alcohol is most unappealing, which is very unlike me!

I thought I would write about winning the delicious. magazine bake off because 1. I am pretty proud of this achievement 2. It was the thing that gave me the confidence that really go for it with the blog. 3. It was so much fun and the delicious. team and the other contestants Maria-Theresa and Nora’s cake were both amazingly delicious so I am going to try and get in contact with them and get the recipes for those. Nora made a traditional Hungarian Christmas cake and Maria Theresa made this luxurious hazelnut and chocolate layer cake.

delicious magazine bake off winner | Sugar Thumb