Cinnamon Churros with Dark Chocolate Sauce

cinnamon churros with dark chocolate sauce

churros recipe

When I left school, I lived in Guadajara (Mexico) for 3 months… and I put on about half a stone. It wasn’t just the tequila and enchiladas that did it. It was the churros too. They were sold on every other street corner at such low prices that they made the perfect (ly unhealthy) breakfast. Now I just have them as a treat now and then! They are the perfect sunday treat – especially if you are having people over for a movie night or some tea and you want to try something new! They go really well with dark chocolate. My flatmate Toby, started nibbling on them before I had put the sugar on.. with some cheese… he claims this combo was nice… although once he had tried the sweet version he changed his tune. If you prefer savory, you can always try them with some cheesey dipping sauce, or sour cream and chive dip! I’m all about the sugar and chocolate.. as you may have gathered by now. I like to think of these as Mexico’s answer to donuts – similar consistency to fried donuts you see…

I got this recipe from Uncle Beefy but I have just converted it into UK measurements for your ease. If you haven’t seen his blog… it is wonderful!!!

cinnamon churros recipe

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