My name’s Trisha and I am from Kenley (near Croydon) in England, but I am currently living in Berlin. I know everyone says this, but my mother is ACTUALLY the best cook in the world, and she and my grandmas made me help out with chopping and cooking since I was pretty small – to my dismay at the time. I would much rather have been off making a potion out of my mum’s perfume and my dad’s shaving foam. Every activity in my family is carefully and shamelessly revolved around what time/where/what we are eating, and I love it.

Just thought I would add some insight into my daily thoughts (see image above)… and what I am normally thinking while I am shovelling copious amounts of food into my mouth. I love to eat. And to be honest I really am not a fussy eater – I think a €3.50 kebab can be just as delicious as a Michelin star steak. I am far more intrigued by family run or small restaurants that are popular the world-over with locals than by big fancy establishments. I see the value in both… but am more interested in how food can be amazingly good with pretty cheap and simple ingredients!

Some interesting facts about me –

I am obsessed with Macklemore and his songs have even driven me to go home in my one hour lunch hour and bake something insane.

When I was in Thailand I got a tattoo in thai and I am pretty sure it doesn’t say what I think it does.

Curly eyelashes on guys are hot.

My chocolate addiction lead to me being dubbed “Trisha Jaffa Cake Jones” as a child… it has never really worn off.

I miss people a lot more than they realize.

I love emails – send me one

Trisha x


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I always enjoy your posts, great recipes and photography combined! I’m still dying to bake the fig and white chocolate cake from the recipe you shared a few weeks ago…

    • Hi Olga – thanks so much! Really nice of you! You should make the fig cake, it is sooo easy! Not sure when figs go out of season, so make sure you don’t miss them xxxx

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