Mulled Apple Hots

mulled apple drink | Sugar Thumb

Ok, so I KNOW that “hots” isn’t technically a noun.. but I didn’t want to call them hotties because it made me laugh/cringe everytime I thought it. And also.. can I just add – NOUN SCHMOUN! These are a nice alternative to mulled wine for the kids or non-drinkers. I know people think of apple as an autumn thing, but it goes so well with ingredients like cloves and cinnamon, that I thought I would go with it.

mulled apple drink | Sugar Thumb

If you hate mulled wine (…how!?!?), but you want to make this into a tasty alcoholic beverage you can also add vodka or cointreau when heating the apple juice to give it that bite! Sorry that this is such a short post. My head is crammed with christmas thoughts like presents and partying…. and not much space for blog post thinking.

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Plum and Cinnamon mini cakes

Plum and cinnamon cake | Sugar Thumb

haaaaa. You know that feeling when you write a whole post and then you delete it my accident. That’s how I feel right now. Not a great feeling! Oh well – here goes for post number 2 on plum cakes.

My weekend was a veritable funfair of ridiculous eating and drinking. Waffles on Friday, Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday and mulled wine. Way too much mulled wine. I think I shall just have to continue this way until Christmas. Lebkuchen – which I will be making at some point in December. Little Ginger cakes with jam and chocolate. MMmmmm. I will make them at some point and post them on here for the season!


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