Family Traits: Grilled Corn with Chilli and Salt

grilled sweetcorn chili and salt
I have realized that colder weather strikes up a little bit of nostalgia in me – first the rock cakes.. and now this! Every Friday after school, my grandma – we called her Mumma – used to pick us up from school and take us back to hers. She was one of those un-strict grandparents – most grandparents spoil their grandchildren I reckon. Always lots of cartoons and toys.

But she also introduced me to corn on the cob. Such a great snack! And it looks so pretty with the leaves one when it’s been grilled. EVEN if the leaves are a teeensy bit burnt like mine, still looks lush.

grilled sweetcorn chili and salt

She normally rubbed it with butter, salt and sometimes chilli – although no chilli for me because I couldn’t deal with it. My mum even had to wash the sauce off curry when I was younger because I would complain about my tongue burning. What a whimp! But now, I have graduated to the adult corn on the cob, with chilli and all.

grilled sweetcorn chili and salt

Grilled corn with chilli and salt:

What you need:

As many corn cobs as you have people
butter to rub on each corn cob
chilli flakes

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
2. Place the corn in a large pot on a medium/high heat on the stove and add boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes

3. Drain the corn fully

4. Place a greaseproof sheet of paper on a baking tray, arrange the corn on it (with the leaves pulled back). Butter each corn – NOT so it is dripping but so it has a nice glisten to it.
5. If the butter is unsalted – add salt to taste to each corn
6. Do the same with the chilli flakes
7. Oven cook for a further 10 minutes – or until the corn looks golden brown on some sides.
8. EAT!

Happy thursday everyone.

Trisha x


2 thoughts on “Family Traits: Grilled Corn with Chilli and Salt

  1. corn totally reminds me with what I grew up on and around – growing up in Indiana I basically lived in a corn field. This looks delish- I will have to try it with chili flakes (my husband will love that).

    Have a great weekend!

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