Pork Dumplings

pork dumplings recipe

So, I thought I would give these pork dumplings a try – I found them on one of my favourite food blogs Spoon Fork Bacon. Great GREAT recipe and so easy! I haven’t got much time to write a blog post unfortunately but I really recommend their blog for party food ! So wonderful and simple. Also, their photography is the bomb.

pork dumplings recipe

If you, like one of my flatmates and my boyfriend, don’t like pork, give it a try with minced chicken or beef. I personally think pork is amazing, especially when seasoned so well, because it has tasty juices that I really don’t think chicken can compete with! My mum also makes amazing dumplings with a pasta making machine and pork. PORKITY PORKITY PORK!

choganjang sauce

The sauce looks and tastes really delicious too – it’s called choganjang. Tangy, hot and with the perfect salty flavour. Made from soy sauce, sesame oil, chili, spring onions and rice wine vinegar, it’s a quick and easy dipping sauce for any chinese/south east asian savory treats.

pork dumplings recipe

pork dumplings recipe


Sorry for such a short post!! Will be back on lovely longer written posts at the weekend! 😀

Have a lovely weekend and once again here is the recipe for these pork dumplings.

Trisha xxxx


11 thoughts on “Pork Dumplings

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  2. Hi Trisha, I’ve come across your blog via .delicious magazine, as I borrowed your caramel sauce (have credited) for a variation on a recent post. I love this blog, it’s a beauty, good work! I shall be dropping by regularly. These look beyond amazing. Will try. X

  3. Oh boy, I think I’ll be stopping by often. These look so delicious. I’ve been meaning to make some dumplings and wontons with my son…I don’t think ours will be this good but I’m inspired. : )

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