Rice Pudding with Caramelized Orange Compote

rice pudding with orange compote

I remember the days of school dinners. The days of Ambrosia rice pudding. Some people think of this fondly, but I hated the stuff. I was always completely disgusted by the taste of the stuff.

The system at my primary school was that you HAD to have dessert, but you could choose two different portions: DOT or normal. As you may have guessed, dot meant the tiniest amount and normal.. just a standard portion. I always always took normal for everything except for Ambrosia rice pudding… and I couldn’t even bear to eat that, so I would swish it around the bowl to make it look like I had had normal… I always got in trouble for this…

I actually don’t mind Ambrosia now, but I thought I would try this wonderful vanilla rice pudding with orange compote. I found it at Gourmet Traveller – if you haven’t seen this site, it is a must read online magazine. The recipes and food photography are spot on.

orange and vanilla

rice pudding with orange compote recipe
I’m not going to copy the recipe and put it on here… because I feel like Gourmet Traveller should get the credit so if you fancy making this deliciously simple and creamy dish, click here.

I really like the idea of this compote – I could imagine it would work with a lot of different fruit, like rhubarb, peach, maybe even lime…

Don’t forget to store the rice pudding in the fridge if you have any left… those fruit flies love a bit of rice pudding.

Have a lovely day!


rice pudding with orange compote recipe


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