HealthIER Version of a Sundae…


So, bare in mind that I NEVER said these were actually healthy…. but for all those icecream lovers (NOT ME… I am quote as having said ” I don’t get the point of ice-cream”) who love a good sundae… this is an alternative.

There really is no recipe to be honest… which is another reason why I did this post. I needed something quick to practice my photography skills with. I have been taking this great course by Allversity which details ISO, aperture, shutter speed and a lot of really useful other techniques to help improve your photos – if you would like to have a go here is the link for this free photography course.

fruits Kopie


So, what you will need:

Greek Yoghurt
– it is creamier and more delicious than normal yoghurt

VERY juicy and ripe fruits of your choice
– if it ain’t ripe.. this isn’t going to taste good!

1 (or 2 if you’re feeling extra treatworthy) of your favourite chocolate/cake snacks

– I used madaleine cakes & kitkat orange that my lovely mummy bought me from England!


Easy! Altenate layers of yoghurt, fruit and chocolate.

Not sweet enough!!!

I personally thought this was more than sweet enough, because the fruit was so ripe and the chocolate added enough sugar. BUT if you are having an issue with it, add some honey!

It needs some bite?
Ground or crushed nuts are a great addition to this sneaky faux-sundae!

IMG_6582 Kopie


This is a great idea if you have a sweet craving… because you get lots of delicious vitamins from the fruit.. that a chocolate bar alone would not give you. Plus… one of these will fill you up nicely, whereas.. if you are anything like me, one chocolate bar is NEVER enough – nor is one cupcake!

I am off to England for a pretty long weekend, starting tonight! Enjoy your sin-free weekends full of faux-sundaes biaaaatches!


Trisha x


5 thoughts on “HealthIER Version of a Sundae…

    • Hiii!

      Thanks so much – I use a canon 600d and i use the EF 100mm f/2.0 USM lens – it was only 99 euros, which is great for a lens, but it is macro so only good for close up things like food!


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