Cake sale in Berlin

 Orange And Yoghurt Cake recipe

  Orange And Yoghurt Cake recipe

The main reason I am posting this cake today… is NOT to give you a delicious recipe. I wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I am going to be selling many of the cakes I have shown on the blog… and many more. Tarts, pies, donuts and cookies too… down at the Maybachufer Market (by Ankerklause) on Kottbusser Damm this saturday. My darling friends Cleo and Minette are going to come and help me… and the prices are extremely reasonable – 1,50 for most things.

If you live in Berlin and you would like to try my cakes, come down and say hi! I’m going to be showcasing my new recipe – caramel and pear tart!

Here is the recipe:

400g butter400g sugar400g self raising flour3 large oranges4 tblsp. Greek yoghurt3 eggs1 tblsp orange juice


1. Preheat the oven to 175°C and grease a baking tin (this recipe has quantities perfect for a large rectangular baking tin)

2. Mix together the butter and sugar until creamy

3. Beat in the eggs

4. Sieve the flour in and fold in gently.

5. Add the yoghurt and orange juice and mix in thoroughly

6. Pour the mix into the baking tray and spread until even.

7. Cut the skins off the oranges and slice widthways to give you nice round slices

8. Place the oranges on top of the mixture and press down slightly – the oranges should still be visible.

9. Bake for about 30 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.


Happy weekend and hopefully see some of you at the Market tomorrow!

Trisha x


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