Rhubarb and Peach Crumble Recipe

Rhubarb and Peach crumble

rhubarb and peach

I have been feeling crazily exhausted recently and pretty weak. I put it down to a lack of sleep and nutrients. Not that this recipe isn’t full of sugar, but I thought stewed fruit is a fab way of getting some of your five a day. I chose peach and rhubarb. Not only are they full of tang and rich sweetness but the colours they both exhibit when raw and stewed are so unbelievably bold and dramatic that I thought it would be a treat for the mouth and the eyes!


I would also say that this is the easiest recipe I have put on here yet. Here goes:

rhubarb and peach crumble recipe

crumble mixture

crumble mixture

rhubarb and peach crumble

The Recipe:



4 peaches (ripe)
1 large stick of rhubarb (or 1 smaller ones)
50g caster sugar


200g plain flour
100g caster sugar
150g butter


  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C
  2. Place the peaches, rhubarb and 50 g of caster sugar in a pot and add 5 tbsp of water
  3. Cook at medium heat until the fruits are soft and pulp like
  4. Now in a separate bowl mix together the flour, 100g sugar and butter by rubbing your fingers together through it – you are aiming to make a crumbly mixture NOT a pastry (see photos)
  5. Place the fruit in an oven-proof dish and sprinkle the crumble over the top until fully covered
  6. Bake in the oven for about 30 mins on 170°C or until the crumble is golden brown.

rhubarb and peach crumble

You can also replace the butter with margarine for a vegan recipe!

Enjoy and let me know if you try it – would love to know what you all think!


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