Brioche Recipe

brioche recipe

My flatmate went to Australia this morning for almost a month, so I wanted to bake some brioche as a mini fairwell thang. Little did I know you have to leave it in the fridge over night. So no fairwell brioche, baked it today instead. It is pretty easy and very delicious… been snacking on it… and it is almost gone. Oops.

If you haven’t had brioche before, it’s French and a sweet kind of bread. But definitely NOT as sweet as a cake and I love the the fact that it has a consistancy that can be torn apart – like bread, rather than crumbled like cake. If you’re German it’s kind of similar to Milchbrot.

A slice of brioche is perfect with a cup of coffee… but some people add jam too. Here is le recipe. Continue reading


Strawberry Tea Cakes

strawberry tea cakes

strawberry tea cakes

So, you may have noticed  that I have a thing for tea cakes. I think they are very sophisticated and sweet and less cutesy than their american counterpart the cupcake. You may also recognise this strawberry sponge from somewhere else! I had some strawberries that were getting a bit mushy (as you can see) and so I thought a cake would be the best place for them… I know.. it’s a recurring trend. So, just use the sponge recipe from my Strawberry cake recipe.

Tea Cake Baking instructions:

All you need is a cupcake tray WITHOUT THE CASES. Grease each case with butter and tap with some flour OR use grease proof paper cut into a circle at the bottom of each case. Then add the mixture until about halfway up, and bake for about 10-12 minutes at 175°C.

Leave them to cool a bit, and then twist the top with you finger tips to loosen…

Then munch awaaaaaaaay.

Happy Weekend people! I am going to be at the Hive blogger conference this weekend. See some of you there!

Trisha x

Date and Ginger Sticky Cake(for when life is pissing you off)

Date & Ginger Sticky Cake

ginger cake recipe

When everything is just pissing you off… and even listening to Fighter by Christina Aguilera won’t give you a boost, all you need is a heart-warming sticky date & ginger cake. And maybe an episode of Game of Thrones with your flatmates.  Or listen to a bit of Machel Montano... Ok.. so I am feeling the Carribean warmth and ginger cake to give me a lift.

Really not in a good mood at the moment. But I kinda just wanna scream F*** EVERYTHING, except cake of course. If you wanna join, just comment and we can scream it together. wooooooooooooo!

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Orange & Chocolate Chip Madeleines

Madeleines recipe

I bought myself a madeleine baking tray over the weekend, and so I thought I would bake some of these delicious citrus french treats today. One thing I will say, is that I am somewhat disappointed by the tray. As you can see the indentation of the shell like shape is very weak and barely noticable. I feel like I may have missed a trick and if any one knows how to keep the form stronger, let me know. If there is no other way, I will have to buy another one. So, my tip of the day is – look for a madeleine tray which has deeper stronger indentations.

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Oreo and Rosewater Cupcakes

oreo and rosewater cupcakes

oreo and rosewater cupcakes

So, yesterday I realized I haven’t made cupcakes in ages – which is really where my baking passion begun. As I was running around like a headless chicken for the whole day, I thought I would make a quick batch with some oreos I had. I am a big fan of rose water, so I thought I would add a cheeky splash or that with some pink food colouring. And… taaaaaddddaaaaaaa…… the flavours go really well together in my opinion. Do NOT use too much rosewater as it can be pretty over-powering.

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Easy Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Glaze

easy strawberry cake

easy strawberry cake

A colleague of mine is leaving today… he is a freaking computer genius at 19! Anyway, it’s sad… so as with any occasion, I thought I would bake a cake. Due to extreme time restrictions yesterday, I had to do something quick. This is really easy to bake people. I would not tell a lie.

All you do is take a normal vanilla sponge recipe, add some cut up fresh strawberries. Bake for about 30 mins and then pour melted dark chocolate on top. And of course more strawberries and some casual icing sugar. SO SIMPLE.

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Cinnamon Churros with Dark Chocolate Sauce

cinnamon churros with dark chocolate sauce

churros recipe

When I left school, I lived in Guadajara (Mexico) for 3 months… and I put on about half a stone. It wasn’t just the tequila and enchiladas that did it. It was the churros too. They were sold on every other street corner at such low prices that they made the perfect (ly unhealthy) breakfast. Now I just have them as a treat now and then! They are the perfect sunday treat – especially if you are having people over for a movie night or some tea and you want to try something new! They go really well with dark chocolate. My flatmate Toby, started nibbling on them before I had put the sugar on.. with some cheese… he claims this combo was nice… although once he had tried the sweet version he changed his tune. If you prefer savory, you can always try them with some cheesey dipping sauce, or sour cream and chive dip! I’m all about the sugar and chocolate.. as you may have gathered by now. I like to think of these as Mexico’s answer to donuts – similar consistency to fried donuts you see…

I got this recipe from Uncle Beefy but I have just converted it into UK measurements for your ease. If you haven’t seen his blog… it is wonderful!!!

cinnamon churros recipe

So… here is the recipe Continue reading

Funfetti Mini Bundt Cakes

Funfetti mini bundt cakes

Funfetti mini bundt cakes

Yesterday was a bank holiday in Berlin – which means BAKING! But it also means none of the damn shops are open… so improvisation was in order. I just bought this awesome mini bundt cake case (baking accessories are amazing…. I don’t care what anyone says!). As I didn’t really have anything exciting in, I thought.. why not try some funfetti prettiness. To be honest, these sprinkles are not my favourite – i would much rather there was pink or yellow than green and orange, but I guess I should have thought of that before I decided to drink a bottle of wine with my friend rather than going to the supermarket. My bad. Continue reading

Peach and White Chocolate Tartlets

White chocolate and peach tart recipe


When I first imagined how this recipe would go, it was fig and white chocolate. But when I went down to the market I was told that figs aren’t quite in season yet. I really should do some kind of seasonal fruit infographic to get myself in the know about what happens when! I am not even sure if peach is in season as these were hard to find… and hard in general. But once baked, the peaches had a lovely softness to add to the tangyness. I would recommend them highly as a fruit to bake.

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