Cupcake Decoration Ideas

Cupcake Decoration ideas

Why not get a little creative with your cupcake decoration? From a more sophisticated piping look, so swirling and spraying crosting and chocolate on.

Hi guys – this post is going to be short and sweet. Here are two tips for cupcake decorating.


People can get a bit caught up on neatness and elegance when it comes to the decorating of cupcakes. Calm yourselves, your (probably) not making them for the Queen. Swirling is what I like to call mixing two toppings together to make a marbling effect (see cake on top right). This works with fluid toppings like chocolate, frosting, ganache, coulis.


Just get some melting chocolate on a spoon and hold it over the cupcake and shake from side to side. Basically.. just go mental with the spoon.. (WARNING: this makes your kitchen pretty much chocolatafied.)


Trisha x


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